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We help Filmmakers and production companies to get the best quality finishing for their projects.

We are a virtual Post-House focused on professional Color Grading and post-production services to help you tell your story, increase your production value and maximize your audience engagement.

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Professional Post Production often means train personal, experience, specialist equipment and suited environments. Our mission is to bring top level post-production to any production. We’d like to be your Posthouse.

“Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet.” – Paul Klee

Color Correction

Professional Color Correction will transform the finish of your project, help you match your cameras and improve you tell your story.

Make the most out of your project and bring emotion to your story

Motion Graphics

When Design meets Animation, Motion Graphic is born. Explain with a moving Graphics, reveal your logo or brand your product with custom lower thirds, titles, and transitions. A Motion Graphic piece will help you display information and add life and quality of the pice.

Composition and VFX

Some shots need special attention, A chroma key, 3D Integration, or remove a cable. Our Composition department will help those situations where we need to “fix it in post”

How can we help out? We’d love to use our experience and know-how to help you growth your brand, improve your production and streamline your business.

Coaching & Training

Every Production is different, different situations, different rigs, different workflow, We can help increase your productivity and speed and deliveries

Live Stream

Live events is a huge orchestra where all the instruments have to play at the same time. If you need help balancing cameras, improving the workflow or branding and event, We can help!

IT & Support

Creative environments have very specific challenge when it comes to their production system. We can help you choose the right workstation, fast networking, storage solutions, workflow, Data management, cloud strategy or Archive and Backup. We’ve got you covered.

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